Wednesday, February 09, 2005

O Canada, we stood on guard for thee.

O Canada, we stood on guard for thee.

Recently, an American pundit, Ann Coulter, has been ridiculed for believing that there were Canadian troops in Vietnam. Why does she think they were there? Because they were there, as the image above demonstrates. The soldiers in battle proudly posted the ensign of their beloved land. However, their country, Canada, does not return that respect.

Tens of thousands of Canadians crossed the border to join up with the American military during the era of the Vietnam War. Over one hundred Canadians lost their lives in battle. One Canadian won the Congressional Medal of Honor. Today, Canada points with pride to the fact that they welcomed with open arms, America’s military deserters and draft evaders, yet they do not acknowledge their own citizens who fought against the evils of communism during the Cold War.

It seems the present Canadian government is attempting to rewrite the history of their country’s involvement in the Vietnam War. Recently, Ms. Coulter, on a government supported Canadian broadcast, lauded the Canadian troops that fought in that war. She was rudely slapped down and told that she was wrong. The host, Bob McKeown, an employee of the government controlled Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) told her and his viewers that Canada took a pass on Vietnam.


  1. If that's the standard, why does Bush only mention 29 countries in his coalition of the willing? After all, if people immigrate here to serve in the army then that makes their country part of the coalition right? There was a French citizen (killed last year) serving in Iraq. So France is sending troops and supporting our war. Take that, France-bashers!

    Ann was wrong. Canada did not send troops to Vietnam, and your pictures do not prove otherwise. You can find pictures of the Confederate flag in Vietnam also. Does that mean that Jefferson Davis also sent troops?

    Yeah, I guess it's rude to point out when Republicans are talking out of their asses. But she's still wrong.

  2. Thomas, I did a short Google search and discovered that there were about 12,000 Canadian troops in Vietnam and estimates of from 30,000 to 40,000 who served during the Vietnam era, which means they could have been sent to Vietnam. These young men and women deserve respect for their service and I think that it is disgraceful that Canada is claiming they do not exist. I have proved with the links I have posted, that the Canadian government was well aware of the fact that Canadian citizens were fighting in Vietnam.

    I do not know the number of French citizens who are going to Iraq to fight Americans, but you are correct, there is a considerable number, although not in the tens of thousands and not with the blessing of the French government, as was the case with Canada. Since Jefferson Davis had been long dead during the Vietnam War, and the CSA had been vanquished for one hundred years, I do not see the relevance.


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