Monday, July 25, 2005

Blogger Blogs

Users of Blogger -- If you have trouble sending Trackbacks or perhaps even leaving comments at blogs outside of the Blogger network, then read this and you may understand. I wrote to Blogger a long time ago about the "fake" blogs that are being created on Blogger for just that purpose, to spam and to gum up the works of the search engines. Blogger wrote back to me and said that these fake blog creators have as much right to use the free Blogger system as do those writing "real" blogs. This is from Captain's Quarters, where Blogger bloggers can no longer leave Trackbacks.
Spammers Use Blogger

I have to temporarily block URLs because Blogger sites have begun spamming my trackbacks. Using a number of different sites, Blogger spam has flooded my site this morning. At first, I tried blocking the specific site URLs, but apparently Blogger has allowed a number of commercial sites to spam other bloggers. Until they fix their problem and block access to spammers, I have to keep the block on CQ. If your blog is part of the Blogger community, you may want to write Google (Blogger's owner) and tell them to clean up their act.

Here are some examples:

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