Thursday, April 21, 2005

Habemus Papam

What a blessing it has been to witness these marvelous happenings; the releasing of the sainted John Paul to his heavenly home, and the new Pope being chosen by God through the cardinals. It is such a mysterious manner of ordaining a new leader for the great church of Christendom. Such conclaves have been assembled from time out of mind and we continue following the ancient path. We connect to our forbears still, in simple ways. "Habemus Papam!" How many times have those words been a great sense of comfort to the faithful? What a joy it has been to hear Father Roderick's podcast in the midst of the great Saint Peter's Square. This tradition has been followed for almost two thousand years. Simon Peter was a disciple of Jesus, and during his short time on earth, Jesus planned for him to become the shepherd of His flock. The fisherman from Galilee was given the keys to the kingdom of heaven. This follower and friend of Jesus became the first Pope, when Jesus said to him: "You are Peter and upon this rock I will build my church."

I hear the chants from Saint Peter's Square; "Viva Papa, Viva Papa". There rings hope in the hearts of the faithful. There is faith in the hearts of the followers that the new Pope Benedict is God's chosen one. The first Pope, Simon Peter, made his way to Rome, and his successor Popes remained there, with their Church. What a wonderful and sweet heritage for Christians to know that this new Papa is another link in the chain of our human history. These are the ties that bind us to our past and to the primordial rituals of humankind.

O Papa Novo is a German. John Paul was a Pole. There was even in the long, long ago, an English pope, Nicholas Breakspear, known as Pope Hadrian IV. He was elected in 1154 and was the first pontiff to be known by the title "Vicar of Christ".

Listen Here to Father Roderick's Pod Cast while watching and waiting for the "White Smoke".

From Saint Peter, Prince of the Apostles, descending the ladder of two thousand rungs, to Pope Benedict XVI, there have been 265 Popes, including some anti-Popes. See the List of Popes. May peace be upon you and yours from this day forth.


  1. According to St. Malachy, the 12th century prophet, there's only one more pope left after this one. If I knew how to link in comments, I'd send you to an article about him.

  2. Ghostie - Oh dear, Pope Benedict is older than I am. After he leaves, what is to happen according to Saint Malachy? The end of the world? Or the end of the Catholic church? If you want to make a link here is a way: [a href="URL"]URL or Name of Web Site[/a], replacing URL with the actual URL and changing the [ or ] brackets to < or >. PREVIEW to see if it worked.

  3. I seem to be doing something wrong. Oh, well. Here's the original article that I read about the prophecy.

    Here's a webpage about St. Malachy, including a table of his pope prophecies.

    Make sure you scroll down and look at the line for John Paul II. I checked, and there were indeed solar eclipses during both his birth and death. Spooky.

  4. I found your links Michael. I read them and it is quite interesting. Leave it to those mystical Irish to predict the second coming. I read only what you sent, so there is much more research to be done, however, if I understand correctly, this Pope Benedict XVI will the the last, because the next one - Peter Roma (or whatever) will be an anti-Pope and destroy. I found that story about Cardinal Sheenan(?) from America, riding gondolas before the Papal Conclave to show he was fulfilling the prophesy. I wondered it that was a joke on his part, or if he was really trying to influence the other Cardinal. Jesus said that no man would know His coming, so I am sure that includes Saint Malachy too. We watch and wait, as we have for the last two millenia. At least we Christians are ahead of the Jews, as they are still awaiting the first coming.

  5. Oh, I misread it. I thought Peter Roma was supposed to try and save the church, but it falls anyway.

    Oh, well. I think prophecy from any religion is interesting. I guess I would be one step behind the Jews, as in: Savior? What Savior? I'm just waiting around for Ragnarok.

  6. The Pope I was thing of was Cardinal Sellman: "Apparently, in 1958, before the Conclave that would elect Pope John XXIII, Cardinal Spellman of New York hired a boat, filled it with sheep and sailed up and down the Tiber River, to show that he was "pastor et nautor", the motto attibuted to the next Pope in the prophecies!", from Maybe I was wrong about Peter Roma, maybe he will be a good pope.

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