Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Primrose Day ~ April 19th

"Oh! who can speak his joys
when Spring's young morn
From wood and pasture
opened on his view,
When tender green buds blush
upon the thorn,
And the first Primrose dips
his leaves in dew." ~~ Clare

The Greek name of the Primrose was Paralisos, so-called after a youth who died of grief for the loss of his betrothed and was changed into the flower.

In Germany it is call the Key Flower on account of the legends of its power to open doors to marvellous treasures.

In old England it was credited with the power of showing to lovers whether or not they would win the objects of their affections.

The Primrose blooms in spring and early summer. In astrology it is an herb of Venus.

At the Tate Gallery, there is a lovely artistic rendering of a young girl gathering primroses in her bonnet, painted by Frank Bramley; Primrose Day (1885). In this work, hanging on the wall, is a print of the conservative statesman and prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli, for whom was inaugurated.

Upon this primrose hill
Where, if Heav’n would distil
A shower of raine. Each several drop might goe
To his owne primrose, and grow manna so.

~~John Donne, 1572-1631

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