Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Believe It or Don't

On this day, 26 April 1944, the women of France received the right to vote. Men had received universal suffrage more than one hundred years earlier, in 1848. In the United States of America women have had the right to stand for election since 1788; a very progressive stance for the new democracy, yet, according to this timeline, rank and file women could not vote here until 1920.

Both my mother and grandmother could not vote when they were born in Virginia. When I was born, women were still being denied the vote in that most civilized of nations, France. What a long way we have come!

Women's Suffrage Timeline gives the following facts. Full suffrage was not granted to women of Liechtenstein until 1984 (more). In 1984, South Africa extended voting rights are extended to Coloreds and Indians (more), and finally to black women in 1994 (eleven years ago more). Women's Suffrage
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