Saturday, January 02, 2010

Understanding Baltimore Speak

Hiya Hons! Here's how to understand and talk BAWLAMERESE.
  • Bawlamer : American city north of Warsherton.
  • Amlance : Will take you to the horsepital.
  • Arn : Will press your pants.
  • Baffroom : Where the terlet is.
  • Blair Road : spelled "Belair Road."
  • Cammer : What you take pixtures wiff.
  • Chimbley : It's on top of the ruff.
  • Downer Shore : Chesapeake Bay.
  • Earl : an engine lubricant or Earl's name.
  • Farplace : Fireplace.
  • Formstone : A cement, stone-shaped rowhouse application.
  • Iggles : Eagles.
  • Orster : where you get perls.
  • Po-lice : They lock you up at the Station House.
  • Sem-lem : Any convenience store, such as 7-11.
  • Stoop : Marble steps in front of a Baltimore Row Home.
  • Tars : What your car rides on.
  • Par a Plars : Tool for removing nuts and bolts.
  • Youse All : All of you.
  • Zink - where you wash dirty dishes.
Baltimore, My Baltimore -- My Hometown.


  1. I've always wanted to learn a foreign language . . . and thanks to you, now I can speak Bawlamerese! And to think that folks make fun of how we talk in Alabama?

  2. Oh! Wonderful! Much easier than Spanish, at least for me...:D
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    In Christ,
    Lucy, Molly, and Caroline


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