Friday, March 25, 2011

Mysterious Tombstone of Occoquan

Mill House Museum, Occoquan, Virginia

This tombstone was washed away from the James Arnold family cemetery in Woodbridge, Virginia to the banks of the Occoquan River during the Hurricane Agnes, 1972. According to "Our Mysterious Tombstone" by Martha Roberts, it marked the grave of a New York man, Frank Hurlybuff, who had the stone carved, a casket constructed, then dug a grave in his friend's family cemetery and shot himself. No one knows the meaning of the C.N. 42 W.A.C.O inscription, however the same was found on the tombstone of Elizabeth Hurlebaus, buried at the Crow Road Cemetery, Litchfield, Medina County, Ohio. Elizabeth is believed to have been the wife of Frederick Gottleib Hurlebaus.

The image, Mysterious Occoquon Tombstone 1893, was originally uploaded to the Internet by Edna Barney

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  1. Very interesting; I'll have to get a look at that next time I'm there.


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