Saturday, March 16, 2013

Saint Patrick Shipwrecked

Legend has it that about 1,500 years ago Patrick, a native Briton of Roman parents, was stranded on the tiny island of Ynys Badrig, also known as Middle Mouse, off the north-east coast of Anglesey, north of Wales. He then swam the treacherous one mile to Anglesey and lived in a cave before building the church of Saint Llanbadrig, which still stands today at Middle Mouse. The Briton is more familiar as Saint Patrick, one of the world’s most beloved saints and Ireland’s patron saint. He was said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland, and to have taught the Irish the mystery of the Trinity by using their own native shamrock. His legend is celebrated across the globe on March 17th each year.

In 2004, the tiny island where Saint Patrick was shipwrecked, Middle Mouse, was on the market for a mere £895,000. The island made history 1,500 years ago when the Irish patron saint was stranded on Ynys Badrig, off the north-east coast of Anglesey, off north Wales. He then swam a treacherous one mile to Anglesey and lived in a cave before building the famous church of Saint Llanbadrig. Since the Saint’s days Saint Patrick's Island - also known as Middle Mouse - has been much improved, with additional lands added to its holding making it to be a 160-acre estate. The island's rugged terrain also includes a six-bedroom country house, the ruins of a clay works, and a private beach. Real estate agent Elfyn Hughes, of Beresford Adams, said: "It is real one-off" in case anyone knows what that means.

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