Monday, June 06, 2005

The Magic Quest

For A Real Magic Wand - has been fulfilled!
This week-end my family motored south for seven and one half hours to attend the opening day of MagiQuest at Myrtle Beach. My grandson had his ninth birthday and he is an avid fan of the Harry Potter adventure series. He has read each book from cover to cover. Amazing, isn't it? This wonderful adventure park was indeed made for him. He received a unique magic wand in honor of his birthday at the Magic Wand Tree. With it my grandson was able to choose his own customized journey through MagiQuest land, fighting dragons, finding fairies, helping unicorns, and escaping the trickster and shadow creatures. Beforehand the participants were given instructions at a school by the Quest Master on the proper use of the mysteries of the magic wand and they practiced opening treasure chests and illuminating crystals and stones. My grandson collected runes and renewed his wand's powers at the ancient Stonehenge.
"What's new? Harry Potter wannabes can get a taste of the magical life at MagiQuest, an interactive family attraction opening June 4 at Broadway at the Beach. Each player gets a personal magic wand that can set off lightning bolts, open treasure chests and perform heroic deeds in a lifesize video game that requires teamwork, skill and imagination."
My granddaughters met the Princess of MagiQuest, Princess Candice, and we brought home a new cd album that she recorded exclusively for MagiQuest, and its believers in magic and the celebration of individuality. It is quite fascinating for a child, an adult, or even a princess (as shown here) to wield a real magic wand, with real powers.
"Renaissance Music Star Candice Night Creates Royal Harmony With Magical Family Entertainment Venue

"MYRTLE BEACH, SC - MAY 2, 2005 - Singer and songwriter Candice Night has teamed up with New Kingdoms, LLC, on a new business venture that brings magic back to families and features Night as a fictional character in a new, magical amusement venue.

"Candice Night, has agreed to take on the role of Princess Candice, one of the main characters of New Kingdom's amusement venue MagiQuest, an innovative, interactive family entertainment concept that puts its guests in the physical world of a video game. As Princess Candice, Night portrays the singing princess who uses songs and magic to produce healing stars throughout the land of MagiQuest. Doubling as a Master Magi, the highest level a person can achieve in the game of MagiQuest, Princess Candice encourages children to believe in themselves by using their own creativity and the magic that is inside them.

"Night and MagiQuest's partnership includes using Night's likeness as part of the game and in promotional materials. Night will make appearances as Princess Candice at the Grand Opening Celebration of MagiQuest's first location in Myrtle Beach, S.C., on June 15 and plans are underway to include Night in a medieval festival that will take place in the fall. Night also wrote and recorded the theme song to MagiQuest."

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