Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Magic Wand

This young man is now a Magi and he is showing off his Magic Wand that he took home from the MagiQuest Adventure in Myrtle Beach. His family took him there for his ninth birthday and after attending the Magic Wand school taught by the QuestMaster he received this "dragon" wand with which he was able to make magic in the land of MagiQuest. Magi choose their wands and customize them according to their personalities. When he returns to MagiQuest he will be able to increase his magical skills and increase his powers and game levels. Even though he takes his wand home, it has the power to remember everything he accomplished at MagiQuest, so he will not need to start over! This special magic wand stores all of his adventures and discoveries so that when he returns he will be able to use it again to increase his magician's skill. The magic wand at Magiquest is really magic!

CLICK on image for a close up view.

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