Sunday, June 12, 2005

The Quest for Magic

A MagiQuest Adventure - by Neddy

Performing wondrous feats of magic at MagiQuest, requires a magic wand. Without a wand, magic cannot be summoned forth. Each wizard uses his or her personal wand, although other wizards' wands can be used when borrowed or captured. When selecting a personal wand, one must experiment with many wands until one is found that will create magic when waved by that particular wizard. The exterior of the wands seems to be hand carved of an exotic wood, but it is the core of the wand which has the power. The core is believed to be manufactured of an organic, magical object or substance. Most believe that the cores or insides of the wands contain some rare tail feathers from the mythical phoenix and a few hairs of the mane from the now extinct unicorn. Those substances are then padded with snips of silk from gowns of veelas, which are then wrapped tightly with dragon heartstrings. The more powerful wands available at MagiQuest give very strange effects (Priori Incantatem) when used by true believers, because each of those wands contains a tail feather from Fawkesguy, the famous phoenix that belongs to Quest Master Dumbledorph, the headmaster of MagiQuest's School of Wizardry. Quest Master Dumbledorph is a former pupil of the infamous headmaster in the wildly popular adventure book by J.K. Rowling about the "The Boy Who Lived".

A MagiQuest Adventure

The Kingdom of MagiQuest is at Broadway at the Beach, in the coastal resort of Myrtle Beach, deep in the principality of South Carolina. All round and about the Kingdom, lay damp and hot swamps, inhabited by slithering noots and scamanders, chomping alligarooes and wildeboars, and other fantastic beasties, but within the castle walls of MagiQuest, one discovers ever more mysterious things, for which there exists NO explanation, other than the power of the magic that is bestowed upon faithful believers and their wands.

Gargoylian the Good, Guardian of the MagicQuest Crypt, will guide you through the Kingdom. The pure of heart have no need to be afraid.

Contessa Joliblonda is the NoosCaster and official MagiCryer of MagiQuest. However, should trouble arise, she is well prepared for her other valued role at MagiQuest, the sword-armed Defender of the Faithful.

Master Wizard Jonargylius, the inventor of the MagiQuest wand, delights in meeting new Wizards-in-Training, as they learn to twirl and swirl and their beautiful magic wands.

Squibby Isbelinha sits in the Giant's chair, unafraid, and also unaware, of the consequences. She has come to the Kingdom on a quest to find the famous unicorn that was lost long, long ago by her mother, Princessa Isbelao.

Princess Candice, the granddaughter of Quest Master Dumbledorph, rescued Squibby Isbelinha from the dangers of the Giant's chair, and then instructed the tiny Wizard-to-Be about the mysteries of magic-wanding. Together they roamed the Kingdom, in quest of the long lost unicorn.

While on safari at the savannah west of the MagiKingdom, Wizard Djavidian, captured a furious pride of native carolions. After training them as cavaliers and providing them with uniforms, he formed the Band of MagiQuestrians. The Lilliputian leader then commanded the MagiCavalry to mount their unicorn steeds and to charge into battle. The trained warriors obeyed their heroic leader with gusto, waving their mystical wands on high, employing them as powerful weapons to vanquish all evil from the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Wizardess Rheanna was questing her way through the land, and paused for a moment of reflection while she sought guidance from a higher source.

The Good Fairy Godmother soon apparated in answer to the pleadings of the young wizardess and blessed Rheanna with a Spell of Hope.

Wizardess Rheanna continued her quest with great success, discovering the Treasure Chest. With a Wave of her Wand, the chest opened itself, and awarded Rheanna with gold, jewels and priceless heirlooms which had been plundered from the Marauding Infidels. She also won the praise and admiration of Jonargylius, Master Wizard Inventor.

Wizard Djavidian shows off the now kingdom-famous-wand that boggled the brains of the Wizards of MagiQuest.


Wizard Djavidian's wand became so powerful that it affected the entire Kingdom of MagiQuest. Djavidian's magic overwhelmed the magic of lesser wizards and caused very strange happenings throughout the Kingdom. Lights flickered, thunder roared. The Kingdom rocked upon its firm foundations. Even the all-knowing, all-seeing Quest Master of the MagiQuest Wizards' School was shocked and dumbfounded. Collapsing into a gelatinous blob, he vowed not to restore himself until all was righted in the Kingdom. There became such consternation inside the once peaceable kingdom, that Whopper Wizards were called upon to analyze the discombobulation and wizardize a solution to return MagiQuest to its former glory.

Djavidian's wacky wizardry caused an apparition of a False Fairy Godmother at the Giant's chair, where sat the Giant, Avo-Heathcliff. She spun a trouble spell upon him, and thenceforth, the magic power of his wand waned. Nothing the wizards schemed could restore the mystical powers to it and most believe it was because Avo-Heathcliff lost faith, due to Djavidian's wacky wand and the fright of seeing the False Fairy Godmother. Without his powerful wand, Avo-Heathcliff became dispirited and sprinkled himself and all the little Wizards-in-Training with floo powder. Yonder and away they flooed on giant matchsticks. He forced them to drink a trujuice potion so that they would reveal all the secrets of MagiQuest that they had learned. The next day, Avo-Heathcliff flooed all of them back to the fantastic Kingdom, where he ordered the little Wizards-in-Training to capture Wizard Djavidian's super powered wand. However, once the little wizards succeeded in pinching the wand from the warrior, they guarded it from the Giant, and righteously returned it to the MagiQuest Proprietors, where the Whopper Wizards replaced it with a wand of normal magic, which was then given to Djavidian. Avo-Heathcliff was awarded a new magic wand after he surrendered all the floo powder that was hidden in his trouser cuffs.

Squibby Isbelinha finally caught a fleeting glimpse of her mother's long lost unicorn. Isbelinha tightly closed her eyes and made an earnest and sincere wish upon her wand. As soon as she opened her eyes, she and Princess Candice gazed upwards and upon the castle ramparts they saw, slowly prancing, the famous mythical beast. Almost instantly he magically disappeared and was gone, as unicorns are wont to do. However, Squibby Isbelina's heart was full of joy and gratitude that her lifelong quest had been granted.

All the little Wizards-in-Training were graduated with "highcum magus" honorifics from the MagiQuest Wizardry School. Avo-Heathcliff's treasure quests became quite successful, as he learned to avoid the False Fairy Godmother whenever he spotted her. When she attempted to cast trouble spells upon others he warned them of her mystical mischief. Thenceforth and forever more, all was well within the MagiKingdom and all of Wizardom knew naught but joy and happiness. All, that is, except the False Fairy Godmother. The Whopper Wizards cast all the remaining floo powder at her, and furiously flapping her powdered fairy wings, she flooed right through MagiQuest's Window of No Return.

The End!--- of Ava-Neddy's MagiQuest Adventure.

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