Thursday, January 20, 2005

American Muslims Condemn Christian Aid

CAIR - a Muslim political organization has been objecting to the aid relief given to the predominately Muslim tsunami victims by Christian groups in the United States. They are condemning the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ which, they claim, is tied to the relief. But why? Muslims supposedly honor Jesus Christ as a prophet and the New Testament is one of their holy books. If anyone refuses to accept Jesus as their savior, the most that can happen is that the Christians will pray for them. There is no belief among Christians to send unbelievers off to heaven by way of killing them ritualistically. Perhaps the Muslims living in America are too well fed, clothed and sheltered, to understand the plight of the unfortunates tossed by the Christmas Tsunami. Could it be envy, that the western world, per capita, has contributed much, much more to their relief than any Muslim country, including those many oil rich states. And guess what, Israel, who has no oil at all, contributed the most!

U.S. Muslims say exploitation of Tsunami aid hurts America's image

by OfficialWire NewsDesk

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- (OfficialWire) -- 01/19/05 -- A prominent national Islamic civil rights and advocacy group has called on the Bush administration to repudiate missionary groups that harm America's international image by seeking to exploit suffering caused by the recent earthquake and tsunami in South Asia.

Christians 'Exploiting' Tsunami Disaster, Group Says

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