Thursday, January 27, 2005

Dutch murder suspect described as fanatic

Theo Van Gogh was brutally slaughtered, in the way of Allah with knives, in broad daylight, and a note speared to his body with one of the knives.

The Theo van Gogh murder in the Netherlands indicates that at least some will not hesitate to enforce Sharia penalties even in the lands of the infidels.

Van Gogh Murderer was Doing God's Will
The new details underscore concerns over homegrown radicals in the Netherlands after the Nov. 2 killing of Van Gogh, who offended many Muslims with his film "Submission," which criticized the treatment of women under Islam.

Dutch murder suspect described as fanatic
"Amsterdam -- The man accused of murdering filmmaker Theo van Gogh on Nov. 2 dreamed of replacing the Dutch government with an Islamic theocracy, and was supported by a network of like-minded fanatics, prosecutors said yesterday at his first public hearing.

The suspect, Amsterdam native Mohammed Bouyeri, 26, did not appear at the pretrial hearing, but his lawyer said Mr. Bouyeri wants to 'be held accountable for his actions' and sees them as part of a religious war.

Mr. van Gogh offended many Muslims with his film Submission, which criticizes the treatment of women under Islam. AP"

How stands freedom of speech in Holland now?

Dutch fest pulls film by slain director
ROTTERDAM: A screening of the controversial short film Submission Part 1 by murdered director Theo van Gogh has been cancelled by Rotterdam International Film Festival organisers because of security concerns.

The 10-minute short, a critical look at the way Muslim women are treated, was to be shown Sunday as part of a debate about filmmakers' freedom of speech.

Van Gogh was murdered in November. In a note left on his body, the assassin indicated that one of his motives for the killing was the film.

The film's producer, Gijs van de Westelaken of Column Prods, has withdrawn the film. "We do not want to take any chance of endangering anyone else who participated in the film," he said in a statement.

The writer of "Submission," politician Ayaan Hirsi Ali, only recently returned to the Dutch Parliament after two months in hiding following the showing of the film on Dutch television in November.

The festival screening was set to take place the same week the trial of a suspect charged with van Gogh's murder was due to get under way in the Netherlands.

Islamism's feisty female foe

Explosives found near Rotterdam port

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