Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Who are the Ignoramuses?

They are Bob McKeown of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and self described “veteran political journalist”, Doug Ireland, who say that Canada "took a pass on Vietnam".

Coulter: "I think you're wrong

McKeown: "No, took a pass on Vietnam."

Coulter: "I think you're wrong."

  • Bob McKeown is a Canadian; Ann Coulter is NOT!

  • Bob McKeown is a journalist; Ann Coulter is NOT!

  • Bob McKeown works for CBC; Ann Coulter does NOT work for FOX News!

  • Bob McKeown says that Canada “took a pass on Vietnam”.

  • Ann Coulter says Canada did NOT take a pass on the Vietnam War!
Who is more correct? Who knows more about Canadian history and who is more responsible as a journalist? NOT Bob McKeown! NOT Doug Ireland, who describes himself as a “veteran political journalist”. Ann Coulter is right again! Ann Coulter wins anyway you look at these ridiculous pieces of muckraking drivel.

Why are the bloggers scrutinizing Coulter’s statement to the nth degree, while ignoring Bob McKeown’s blatant fictional propaganda that Canada “took a pass on Vietnam”? Shouldn’t they hold a member of the high and mighty Canadian Broadcasting Corporation to at least a minimum of journalism standards? When McKeown said that Canada "took a pass on Vietnam”, he exposed himself as someone unwilling to acknowledge the sacrifices of his fellow countrymen and as someone ignorant of the history of his own country during the Vietnam era.

Canada did NOT “TAKE A PASS ON VIETNAM”! Canada was allied alongside the United States. Canadians and Hate America Libs can no longer get away with rewriting history. We have Google now. And to those "truth-seeking Canadians" I say, help is on the way. FOX News cometh and the wiley FOX will eateth the breakfast, lunch and dinner of CBC.

PS: What is the CBC? The CBC is the voice of the Liberal party of Canada. The CBC is a propaganda tool to spread the Liberal party’s agenda. The CBC is paid for by Canadian tax payers. The CBC is a very low rated channel because almost no one listens to it. The CBC is a waste of government resources that is supported by the Liberals. (Kinda sounds like PBS in the US.)


  1. Can you name the Canadian military divisions that were deployed to Vietnam, and the dates? That would help put this little myth to rest.

  2. Thomas - No I cannot name any, why? Does that prove there were no Canadian citizens fighting in Vietnam and serving as soldiers during the Vietnam era?

  3. did you even read what thomas said? his point was that if people leave a country and join another country's army, the first country is not involved in the war. the people are.

    "Canada" took a pass on Vietnam. Some Canadians did not.

    Some American citizens fled the country to dodge the draft. Does this mean America fled from the war in Vietnam?

  4. Matteus - Canada can no longer get away with rewriting history. Regardless of whether it "officially" sent troops, Canada was up to its maple leaves in Vietnam. In my essays at Blatherings, I have given the reasons why, although Canada was supportive of U.S. goals, the government did not "officially" send troops. Instead, Canada sent young Canadians to fight "under the radar" or with her blessing. For this reason, and I find it extremely disingenuous for a nation and its citizens to refuse to acknowledge the sacrifices of others of its own citizens for the good of all. They fought, bled and died for you, not just for U.S. citizens. Just as today, American soldiers are in harms way to protect your way of life, not just mine and other Americans. About the time of the Vietnam war, the Canadian government made the decision to become a "free rider". Why spend all that money on National Defense, when your big cousin next door will protect you? America will never allow Canada to be harmed; by protecting each other, we protect ourselves and our way of life. I wonder why Canadians think that we Americans should know more about their own recent history than they do themselves - ala Ann Coulter? If you will stay tuned to my blog, I intend to write about some of the other contributions of Canadians to the Vietnam War effort. Ever hear of Agent Orange?


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