Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Belgians Pee on Bush & Old Glory

Oh Those Quaint Belgians
Brussels has a beloved statue of a peeing boy, "Manneken Pis". So, is that why, when an American President visits, the Belgians consider it appropriate to pee on the Head of State's head? ...
"WHEN JOHAN VANDE LANOTTE, Belgium's Vice Prime Minister, goes to the toilets today, he finds the urinals in the offices of his ministry decorated with stickers. They show an American flag and the head of George W. Bush. "Go ahead. Piss on me," the caption says. Vande Lanotte is one of Bush's hosts in Brussels. Is peeing on your guest's head appropriate?" from "Piss Off" by Paul Belien in today's "Weekly Standard"
From "pissed-off" at Kerfuffles

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