Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Virginia's Big-Eared Bat

Virginia big-eared bat female

In the mountains of the Old Dominion about 1,500 Virginia big-eared bats are wintering in their bat caves, unaware that they will soon be receiving a prominant status. Virginia has a state bird, the cardinal; a state flower and tree, the dogwood; a state folk dance, square dance (why not the Virginia reel?); and a state beverage, milk. Soon Virginia will join Texas in honoring a bat. The Virginia big-eared bat, which also happens to be an endangered species, seems destined to become the state bat of the Old Dominion.

Everything you need to know about our new little mascot.


  1. Eeeew. I didn't know anything could be that ugly. If I saw one, I'd have to beat it to death with my shoe.

  2. Oh I hope you are joking! They are an endangered species. And they eat insects in the summertime.


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