Monday, February 14, 2005

Iraq - Home of the Brave

How goes Old Europe now that the Iraqis have had a democratic election and the voting results are in? Mark Steyn was responding to the fact, that in Madrid, demonstators were protesting the Iraqi election! He wrote "I'm fairly blasé about European decadence these days - I barely raised an eyebrow at the news that an unemployed waitress in Berlin faces the loss of her welfare benefits because she's refused to take a job as a prostitute in a legalised brothel - but, even so, it surely couldn't be true that the Spaniards so objected to the Iraqi election that they were protesting about it."

He noted the that the Islamist terrorists of last March were more successful in intimidating the Spaniards, than they were in their attempts to keep the brand new voters of Baghdad, Basra and Kirkuk, away from the polls.

And of Holland which is experiencing Jihad from its own Muslim citizens, he writes:" Europe you can find a few Spaniards brave enough to go into the streets and sneer at Iraqi voters and the moronic Bush, but mustering the courage for anything else is harder. On Sunday night the scheduled attraction at the Rotterdam Film Festival was Submission Part One, a short film about a Muslim woman forced into an arranged marriage to be beaten by her husband and raped by her uncle. The film's director, Theo van Gogh, was subsequently murdered by Islamists, and the screening was supposed to be part of a debate on freedom of expression. Instead, it was cancelled at the last minute for 'safety reasons'. "

Do the Europeans have a clue?

Telegraph | Opinion | Mark Steyn
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