Thursday, February 17, 2005

Hunting Brer Fox

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When the ancient sport becomes banned in England, does that mean that Ole Virginny will be more English than England? The Virginians will never give up the the sport of Father Washington. However, now that Wiley Coyote has moved into the neighborhood, is Brer Foxy long for this world?

Not England, But Lovely It Be

Fox Hunting in Virginia
“‘Mister Man! Oh, Mister Man! I’ll tell you who kill yo’ cow. You look in de maul, en dar you’ll fine ’im,’ sezee.

“Wid dat de man tuck a stick and lam down on de maul so hard dat he kill Brer Fox stone-dead. W’en Brer Rabbit see Brer Fox wuz laid out fer good, he make like he mighty sorry, en he up’n ax de man fer Brer Fox head. Man say he ain’t keerin’, en den Brer Rabbit tuck’n bring it ter Brer Fox house. Dar he see ole Miss Fox, en he tell ’er dat he done fotch her some nice beef w’at ’er ole man sont ’er, but she ain’t gotter look at it twel she go ter eat it.
" ~~Uncle Remus
The Sad Fate of Brer Fox

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