Monday, February 14, 2005

Jihad in the Netherlands

Christopher Hitchens writes that Jihad has in fact begun in the Netherlands. Why would this happen in the most tolerant nation in Europe, a country that has openly accepted immigrants from all cultures? There is now a large population of Muslims living there and they have learned to use the Dutch pluralism against the Dutch themselves. One of the immigrants accepted into the country is a beautiful young Somolian woman, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who sought refuge from genital mutilation and the possibility of being sold into slavery by her Muslim parents. Aside from being beautiful, she was brilliant, and after becoming fluent in English and Dutch, she was elected to parliament and became a star of the Liberal Party there.
"Today, she is living under police protection. In early November 2004, her friend and colleague Theo van Gogh was stabbed to death and then mutilated on a public street, ... Mr. Van Gogh, ... was a filmmaker who had made a documentary about the maltreatment by Muslim authorities of Muslim women in Holland. The film had featured Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and a letter “addressed” to her was pinned, by a heavy knife, to the chest of the ritually slaughtered Van Gogh. The man arrested for the crime, identified as Mohammed Bouyeri, was further found to be carrying a “farewell note.” The open letter is full of lurid and gloating accounts, lifted from the Qur’an, of the tortures that await apostates like Ayaan Hirsi Ali in hell."
The Dutch people became outraged that this was to be their reward for offering sanctuary and a better life to its "humble masses" yearning to be safe. Near the scene of the broad daylight murder of Theo van Gogh, some citizens painted a mural which displayed the Old Testament commandment “Thou shalt not kill.” The imam of a local mosque immediately complained that such a display was “racist incitement”, and the goverment sandblasted the words into dust.

Now fast forward two months to January 2005 in New Jersey USA, and the murders "in the way of Allah" of an entire Christian family that had been outspoken of their faith to American Muslims. The response of the Muslim establishment in America (CAIR) was that they were being persecuted because the community was supecting that the murderers were Muslims carrying out Jihad. The authorities have no one in custody nor suspected of the brutal crime, and about the only comments coming from them is that finding an entire family, including children, beheaded and bound was the worse crime scene they have investigated.

Jihad in the Netherlands by Christopher Hitchens

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