Saturday, January 22, 2005

Anti-Muslim Bias?

More than a week ago, an entire Christian family was slaughtered in Jersey City, and there has been no comment from police as to the status of investigations. The killers are still at large! Yes, killers, as the investigators say that the ritualistic crime required more than one perpetrator. The Coptic community in that part of America is in mortal fear, as they knew this type of hate crime in their Egyptian homeland. So is it not telling that when you get the news today, the BIG STORY is that Anti-Muslim Bias has returned to Jersey City? Thank you AP, for getting to the heart of the matter! Meanwhile, I am just hoping that the police find the killers soon.

N.J. Deaths Spark New Anti-Muslim Bias
Suzanne Loutfy, a Muslim leader of the Egyptian-American Group, asked people not to blame Islam if the killers are found to be Muslim.

"People are so willing to condemn an entire religion," she said. "That's what the big problem is. People commit crimes; religions don't. I hope we can be intelligent enough to separate those two."

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