Friday, January 21, 2005

Poll Workers Needed

The following is from 2nd Lt. Lance Frizzell, a Medical Platoon Leader with the Tennessee National Guard 278th Regimental Combat Team, currently serving in Northern Iraq. He writes that they are looking for a few of those "Human Shields" that were all over Iraq before it was liberated. They need their bravery as poll workers and poll watchers at the upcoming Iraqi elections. But where are they? No one has seen them trying to help the Iraqi people to become free.

"Back in January '03, you may remember a group of Western liberals who volunteered to go to Iraq as human shields in case the US enforced UN resolutions that Saddam violated.

"...they are willing to put themselves in the firing line should US and British forces bomb Iraq. They plan to identify potential bombing targets such as power stations and bridges and act as human shields to protect them."

Well, I think I have just the job for these globe-travelers: Iraq Election Poll Worker. They are familiar with the terrain and people, they have a self-professed desire to help and they seem very articulate. However, their biggest asset is bravery. If they are willing to hunker down between Coalition Forces and a bridge, standing between a foreign terrorist and a polling precinct should be no big deal. Any takers?

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