Sunday, January 30, 2005

The "Illegitimate" Election of 1789

"It is hard to say that something is legitimate when whole portions of the country can't vote and doesn't vote," ~Senator John Kerry, D-Mass., 30 January 2005
The election of 1789 was the first presidential election in the United States of America. New York failed to appoint its allotment of eight electors, and subsequently cast no electoral votes. North Carolina and Rhode Island also did not cast votes, as they had not yet ratified the United States Constitution.

Women, non-whites, non-property owners and others were not allowed to vote. How does John Kerry characterize America's first election? How does it compare to the Iraqi election today? Seems to me, to remain consistant, Senator Kerry would have to describe our very first election, as a brand new democracy, to also have been illegitimate. Then again, who in his or her right mind expects John Kerry to be consistent?

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  1. Great post. How about the election of 1864, when not only did no black people participate but eleven states did not cast ballots.


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