Monday, January 17, 2005

More Liberal Media Bias

Mike Levine, an Israeli/American accuses the NY Times, LA Times, Boston Globe, Denver Post, Atlanta Constitution, CNN, Times of London, and thousands of other newspapers and TV networks worldwide of gross bias against, and naked hatred towards the Jewish state of Israel. Why?

Remember the Christmas Tsunami and the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who were lost and parts of their countries devastated? Remember which nation was ready within hours to provide humanitarian relief? Do you know which nation of the world contributed the most relief per capita? Yes, of course, it was a democratic state, but not the United States. You did not hear about it because the MSM did not report it. It was Israel, a tiny nation smaller than major cities of the world, surrounded by oil rich larger states, full of hatred towards it. Israel sent substantial aid, well trained rescue teams and experience medical personnel within a few hours. Did you know that some of the devastated areas refused the help because it was given by Jews? Read Mike's letter, and ponder just why it is that the major news organizations of the world hate Israel. And continue to ponder about whose side they are really on.

How much help was offered by the oil rich Islamic brotherhood nations? When after days, they were finally shamed into coming forth with relief, it was a pittance! Think upon this. Following a week of Muslim bodies washing ashore, Saudi Arabia "pledged" $10 Million, which they have yet to pay! Imagine, this is from the same country that provided $150 Million ($150,000,000 versus $10,000,000) in 2004 alone to families of Palestinian suicide bombers! Kuwait, the second richest Muslim nation, pledged an equally paltry ten million! Did the main stream media tell you about that? NO!

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  1. It is so refreshing to read your opinions, especiall because there are times when I feel like I'm the only person with those same opinions and beliefs. In Genesis God promised Abraham that He would, "...bless those who bless you...", I am convinced that the reason America has been such a prominent nation is because it has supported the Jews and Israel. It is disconcerting to see the media and others in our nation snubbing the Jews. American will quickly lose it's greatness if it loses the blessing of God, and it will lose that blessing if it rejects God's people: The Jews.


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