Friday, January 21, 2005


Did you know that mathematics was invented by the ancient Babylonians? Do you know that many Muslim Americans believe that the massive tsunami of last month was not a natural occurance, but was caused by the United States detonating a nuclear device in the ocean? Do you realize that it took seven years to send a probe from our planet Earth, to land on Titan--Saturn's largest moon? Do you understand that many people on Earth will never believe that it happened? The people of the West look to the stars -- the heavens -- the future, to start their imaginations swirling, while others are hurtling themselves into the deep caverns of a bygone era, the dark ages of repression and cruelty.

Scientific Unease
To some, all moons are saturnine.

BY TUNKU VARADARAJAN ~~ Our Islamist antagonists have an underdeveloped sense of science, chiefly because of their inability to let the (sacred) Word slip out of the mullah's grasp. The empirical will always struggle to exist alongside the religious in lands where godly texts are not open to candid evaluation. How can there be data-testing--and an impartial imagination--if no one asks hard questions, if one is taught that all the answers to everything exist already, in the Book?

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