Sunday, January 23, 2005

News on the Coptic Slayings?

NOTHING - except, according to Hudson County, New Jersey Prosecutor, Edward DeFazio, who said the slayings were not random and carried out by "a number of people," conceded the possibility that investigators might meet a dead end.

The killers, numbers unknown, are still on the loose and may not be found.

The heads of the family has been separated from their bodies (they have been beheaded) at their home at Jersey ~~This is a posting from a Muslim (Religion of Peace) Message Board. It has been translated from the original Arabic. The members of the Religion of Peace are joyous: "The good planting has started to yield thank Allah and soon, Allah willing, an intense Islamic revolution all across America that holds the right and bring down the falsehood that they’ve created 'Bushie Bushie' you have no exit, you’re surrounded with the hatred that you’ve planted. Allah, please, bring victory to Muslims on earth east and west oh your almighty and wisdom…amen.”

A Coptic Illusion

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