Sunday, January 16, 2005

It is not our fault!

I constantly read comments by young people from Western countries who feel it is wrong for the West to have so much wealth, while in Africa people are dying of hunger and disease. It is wrong for the West to consume as much as we do, as somehow that is the cause of their misery. Of course, they never mention that the greatest causes of death in Africa are AIDs and politically motivated murders. Someone wrote "Doesnt it make you angry? I'm angry today about the state of the world, Ive seen some wierd things recently, I've been and worked in a very poor country this year and coming back to the UK i'm alarmed at what I see. Massive consumption exceesice, it's disgusting people have so much more than they need, whilst people in Africa are dying of disease everyday, It makes me so sad and also so angry, how can we just let it be like this, how can we let the world be in such a mess." I couldn't help responding - they need to be educated.

No it does not make me angry. It makes me grateful for the legacy we received from our forebears. Our wealth comes from our liberal Western beliefs and ideas. Because we consume much has nothing to do with the cause of poverty and death in Africa. In fact, without our riches, which enable us to contribute to their relief, they would be much worse off. Everything that we consume helps someone economically. You say that you feel powerless to help. That is indeed sad, because there is much you could do. However, you will not help the less fortunate and miserable, by killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. So many wonderful ideas of economic freedom were taught by great thinkers of your own country, long ago. Study your history. The nations today that espouse the greatest economic liberalism are the same with the highest per capita incomes. There is a cure for the misery of these unfortunates, and to put it simply, its name is economic freedom. Go forth and teach Africa and other repressed peoples about the marvelous ideas of your own homeland and the Western world and explain to them, that they can become prosperous too. Do that if you truly want to help.

Or help feed and clothe one child in Africa: Christian's Children Fund

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