Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Carter & Oil for Food

Could it be? Was our do-gooder ex-President, Jimmy Carter, doing good for Saddam Hussein and himself with the "Oil for Food" program? Don't we give these people enough life-time retirement benefits when they leave government service? Is this why he has been on the other side of our foreign policy efforts?

Group presses Carter on oil-for-food scam - ex-president linked to key figure

Jimmy Carter linked to oil-for-food scam
Ex-president worked with key figure in scandal combating Iraqi sanctions

"Did President Carter know he was dealing with an agent of Saddam Hussein or was he just terribly gullible?" asked Morgan. "And if he truly was naïve as to Samir Vincent's true agenda, then now is the time for him to come forward and repudiate Mr. Vincent and his actions."

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