Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Support Our Troops - Code Words?

That is what Bob Summer of NPR's All Things Considered said on February 14, 2005, about all those yellow ribbons appearing on vehicles.
What is the REAL message of the magnetic yellow ribbons on cars? Bob Summer says that it actually means very little about supporting the troops. He believes it is a code that needs parsing, and he obliges:

Support our Troops = We Are Self-righteous Partisan Republicans.
Support Our Troops = We Live in a Red State.
Support Our Troops = We Dare You to Bring it On!
Support Our Troops = We Support the War, the Mission, the President and the Bush Administration!
Support Our Troops = We are Patriotic. You are NOT!
Support Our Troops = You should feel guilty for not having a magnetic ribbon on your car!
Mr Summer says: That curious phrase, "support our troops," on those yellow ribbon magnets seems to accuse me of not doing my part. Then I realized that "support our troops" is a code! It requires parsing. Here's what I think it means: Those who presumably need to be admonished to support the troops are those who oppose the decisions of the administration. 'Support our troops' means, then, that we should be supporting the war. I believe that most yellow-magnet bearers want support not just for the troops, but for the mission, the presence, the president. Maybe the magnets should say: "Shut up and support our troops.
Others Agree

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