Friday, February 11, 2005

George Bush Saves Canada - from Herself!

Thank God for George Bush. Once again the mighty U.S. saved the Canadians, this time from themselves. They will not make global history by building a Draft-dodgers Memorial. The Top Gun President, a former military pilot, threatened to personally lead an air invasion and bombing campaign of one million talking Ann Coulter dolls. The Canadians, including the courageous draft dodgers and deserters, immediately caved. In immediate response, outraged American veterans, including America's "honored" Vietnam vets, recinded plans to erect a monument to "All the Wars Canada Did Not Fight".
US Vets Sicced the Commander In Chief on the Canucks.

The town of Nelson in British Columbia stopped its plans to create a memorial to US draft dodgers who fled to Canada. The plan for the bronze statue was halted by the town's mayor after US Veterans of Foreign Wars enlisted the aid of President George W. Bush to intervene. The Bush administration probably calculated a low probability of the need for preemptive military action, since draft dodgers are, by nature, prone to quietly move on. And finding another home country for the memorial is unlikely, since very few Vietnam era draft dodgers are known to have fled to Cuba, Iran, or North Korea. [10/17/2004]
Canadian Draft Dodgers Memorial Slammed

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