Friday, February 18, 2005

Towing Hillbillaries

Look at the Hillbillary Clintons in their younger days. Even back then, they were already planning Bill's Presidential Library. Notice that Hillary is in the driver's seat. Too bad after spending $175 million dollars that no one seems interested in visiting. Also, too bad that you, dear American reader, pay the tab for its upkeep and maintenance, forever.

If you are thinking that this is a joke, just compare the images: Bill's Library 2005 from yesterday's USA Today. Here is the evidence, and here is even more evidence.

Now we learn that the one-bedroom, one-bath house that the famous couple lived in from August 1973 to December 1976, and where they were married on 11 October 1975, has been purchased by the University of Arkansas and will become another museum to the gloried Clintons. Of course, Bill Clinton's boyhood home in Hope, Arkansas is already a museum.

Hillbillary Image from Rob Floyd Designs

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